Flaunting perfectionism is an arrogant and finicky disease, as everybody knows that there is such thing called perfection, nor no one is perfect. Or why would you photoshop every photo before you share on social medium? Or why do you drink that “instant-weight-losing tea”? Why do you think of that breast plastic surgery? Why do you make all kinds of action plans? Admit it, isn’t it all because you are NOT perfect? However, the obvious way of doing things passed along is: be way strict with others while be loose to yourself.

Sometime ago, a girl shared among her girlfriends, explaining how upset whether it is time to break up with her boyfriend or not, as the boyfriend is not that perfect, he is tall, handsome and rich, qualified to be a shallow materialistic girls’ boyfriend; but he’s lazy as well, quite spoiled by his parents, likes playing vedio games at home, does’t like taking her out shopping an so on, which is not qualified to be her boyfriend. And in the end, she attached their photo together, asking us to comment whether they are a good match. I did not comment. As I don’t want to destroy anyone’s life by words, I want to be a decent person.

However I can’t help it! Girl, if you tell us that your boyfreind is not perfect, come on! you are way far from what you are talking about.Check yourself out first in the mirror, would you?

It is more than complicated for two persons to be together, it is a subtle combination of various factors. If things do no work out, it just does not work out, nothing to do with perfection. Besides, no one is perfect. Trust me, I know there are more than just this poor boyfriend who are suffering from this extremely unfair one-sided so-called perfection.

Once before, I had a boss who knows nothing about the business, not good at nothing at all. He liked to distribute different assignments to us. The next day, whatever we submitted to him, he sent it back, not satified. But how unsatisfied about our assignments, all you could hear from him is, “I am a perfectionist, understand? As a perfectionist, I have such high standards. I hope you all comprehend. Bla, bla, bla…” Oh, cut the crap please! You just use your super high ambiguous standards on everyone except you.

Well, I guess everyone does so sometimes, one can always forgive himself/herself while one could not bear minor mistake made by others. I am not a perfectionist at all, all I want is people around me would serve me perfectly, simple as that. I don’t know what is that called if this is not perfect selfishness.

No one is perfect, nothing is perfect.I am far away from perfection, so I will leave alone others, stop pushing them to be perfect, stop accusing them to be perfect, accept who you are and who they are, change yourself with all your efforts. Or, I would foresee that I will die alone ugly, with regrets.

You might think that too, right? For your own good.


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